My Drake Relays Experience

My Drake Relays Experience

May 1, 2012

Working for Drake Athletics leads to my Drake Relays weekend to be slightly different than the average Drake students, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. While many students would say other aspects of the Relays are their favorite, I have a love and appreciation for America’s Athletic Classic on the blue oval at Drake Stadium.

In fact, I can thank the Drake Relays for how I got into the athletic communications field. During my first Drake Relays in 2009, I covered the event for the Drake student newspaper The Times Delphic. I spent a lot of time in the media mixed zone getting to know a few others in the athletic communications business which inspired me to pursue a job at Drake when it opened up. My love for track and field also developed at the Relays and the other track meets that Drake has hosted.

The Relays have also allowed me to have the opportunity to shine and hold roles that at many other places a student wouldn’t have. I was in charge of┬áconstructing┬áthe media supplement which took a lot of time and work, but is something that I am very proud of. This past weekend, I served as the press box coordinator for the 103rd running of the Relays. For those that wonder what that actually means, I was in charge of the press box volunteers and made sure that media members in attendance were content. This meant a lot of training volunteers with how to be a good press box runner, unjamming the copying machine, making sure the wireless network worked and that the press and volunteers got a box lunch. I also helped with the notes for the Relays, writing the recaps, covering the Drake track and field athletes and finding out the weather conditions at the stadium.

This opportunity is something that I have been very grateful for during my time at Drake. While others might complain about having to wake up at 5:45 in the morning to make it to the track by 6:30, I’ve seen it as a chance to help prepare for the real world, which awaits me in a few weeks. As I prepare to graduate from Drake, I will join the thought of many of my fellow seniors that the Drake Relays will be our favorite memory. However, my memory will be having the opportunity to work one of the best track meets in the world which hopefully will prepare for my life after college.

2012 Drake Relays

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